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Why don't we start at the beginning

John (you'll learn more about him, or me on the next page) is a director and senior manager in the high risk energy industry. Music and singing have been an integral part of John and his life from a child to now. The presence of music and his motivation to sing have risen and fallen as a thermometer of his mental state. 

He has grown into his own skin over time is still growing into his own voice He has recovered fully from a mental breakdown, and is approaching the day  when he will be truly happy listening to his own voice played back. 


To promote the change of culture in industry from one where the underlying attitude to mental illness is negative and a stigma to an acceptance that mental illness in its many forms is not weakness nor failure, and needs recognizing and support. Mental illness does not have to mean a lack of capability nor an inability to be successful. 

To encourage everybody who may be or is suffering from the very start of anxiety, depression or other form of metal illness to talk about it and not to struggle through hiding the symptoms until its too late. 

I'm not looking for profit. IF I manage to make a profit on this venture, it'll be ploughed back into charities I support, including MIND, UNHCR and charities that support ocean conservation. 

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