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His first book

This is John's first book and is a story of hope, shouting out to everybody with mental illness in industry and every walk of life to listen to good advice, to know that you are not weak and that to open up and talk is strength. You are never alone in your struggles.

A Chronicle of mental illness through life

It is the very personal story of John M. Slater from childhood to his mid-fifties, a man who has worked his way up in industry to senior manager and director roles and who has lived in five continents. Pieced together after a serious burnout that pushed him close to suicide, the story chronicles his struggles with mental illness with graphic detail of the symptoms, the impact on the ones he loves and the role that singing and music have played as a thermometer of his highs and lows.

Not career limiting

In a competitive and macho industry and indeed in society in 2023, mental illness is still wrongly associated by many with weakness and failure. It is spoken of and acknowledged; however, the label is still potentially career limiting.


No shame

In his career John has passed through times where he knows he should have talked to his family and friends, and indeed sought help, but felt ashamed and concerned for his career and ability to support his family.

Leaders and mental illness

The book also looks at the role of leaders in business and industry and the impact that they can have on the mental health of their teams and others through their behaviours, both positive and devastatingly negative.


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