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John Slater has worked 37 years in the energy industry, living in seven countries across five continents and visiting dozens more for work. He has filled senior manager and director roles in large and medium sized companies from contractors to energy industry operators. John is at his best leading teams and coaching companies in a world of change and uncertainty. He has consistently delivered sustainable performance improvements in the companies he has worked for with a backdrop of mental health issues he has struggled to acknowledge and talk about.

He followed his family into the City of London after University, but remained determined to follow his chosen career path and left the UK at the age of 22 starting his career in the Netherlands with a multinational contracting firm. His travels, fluency in Spanish and numerous postings have given him experience in and  acceptance of different cultures and his ability to lead and coach allowed him opportunities across the globe in large and medium sized private companies, where he has worked to leave a cultural legacy where people and the planet matter. it. He is a believe that diversity in all its forms brings strength to any and every team.

John has solid and fixed core values that have played a crucial role in his successes as well as being the cause of deep lows in his life, when he admits he fought losing battles and didn’t walk away soon enough. 

Oh yes, and you may come to understand he's as comfortable underwater as he out of water

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